Phondle Phukket™ Beads!

Phukket Beads are this year's Pet Rock for a clever and unique gag gift item. Life got you down? Just say phukket!

...pheel the phreedom




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"...when life is feeling way too tough remember that it's all small stuff..."


phuk-ket\phu-ket\fuk´it\ vi (2005) 1: to bliss out 2: to peace out 3: to let go 4: to flow 5: to go slow 6: to chill 7: to allow 8: to hang loose 9: to relax 10: to rest 11: to retire 12: to breathe 13: to turn over to the care of another - preferably a higher source.

Phukket Beads Bag

Phukket Beads

•a clever and unique gag gift
•great novelty item

Life Got You down?
Just Say Phukket!
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